National Port Authority seeks to modernize via electronic documentation
15 abril 2019

On April 5, the National Port Authority (APN), which answers to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), participated in the XVI Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Chamber of National Associations of Maritime Agents (CIANAM). One of the topics discussed was the importance of implementing a Port Community System in the maritime industry in order to modernize Peruvian ports. It is expected that on the back of this debate, the Ministry of Transport will promote measures to facilitate and improve trade through the implementation of new technology.

The event, organized by the Peruvian Association of Maritime Agents, brought together representatives of CIANAM member countries – the regional association representing the interests of Maritime Agents – and national and international authorities, in order to discuss the main problems of the port sector at the regional level, and propose recommendations to governments.

During the meeting, discussions were held on the current situation of Peruvian port terminals and future prospects. Thus, the importance of the implementation of a Port Community System in the maritime industry was discussed, agreeing that technological platforms for the exchange of electronic documents will modernize Peruvian ports by facilitating foreign trade transactions.

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