Chamber of Deputies’ agenda: promoting knowledge economy, ISP responsibility and internet regulation
15 abril 2019


On March 26, the Chamber of Deputies Communications Committee outlined a work schedule for the coming weeks that concerns internet and social network regulation and the responsibilities and duties of internet providers, and that is also aimed at making the current benefits to the software industry applicable to other sectors. For the time being there seems little prospect of a return to the debate on a bill to promote the deployment and competition of ICTs, passed by the Senate last year. However, that the Executive branch attempts to reactivate its legislative passage this year cannot be ruled out either.

First and foremost, the Committee will address a bill to create a promotion regime for the knowledge economy, backed by the Ministry of Production. In this context, committee chairman Brügge intends to include four bills intended to extend the software industry promotion regime until 2030, as well as a bill submitted by him for the promotion of film and TV production for export.

Brügge will also convene a subcommittee to discuss the issue concerning the responsibilities of Internet providers, following the expiration of a 2016 bill on this that was passed by the Senate. Rep. Karina Banfi, who acts as the ruling party’s spokesperson, stressed the need to move forward with the regulation and expressed concern about the copyright regime that had been passed by the European Parliament earlier that day. It should be noted that the chairman of the Senate’s Systems Committee has also undertaken to have the issue debated shortly.

Finally, Brügge organized a regional meeting on regulation in communications, information technology and new technologies, to take place between 25 and 26 April. Among the topics that will be discussed are false news and disinformation on the Internet, regulation on legal liability of Internet providers and education for secure access to the Internet.

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