Government simplifies and lifts tax burden on door-to-door postal service
15 abril 2019

On March 22, the Executive branch amended the Customs Code to facilitate international door-to-door postage and raise the tax-free threshold for shipments. The new regulations, which came into force on April 1, came about as a result of joint working by the Ministry of Production, the Federal Agency of Public Revenues (AFIP), the Customs Administration and the national Postal Service. AFIP then issued two accompanying resolutions. One details the procedure to be followed when receiving goods from abroad through the national Postal Service; the other updated the Import and Export Regime for postal service providers PSP/Courier. The Customs Service will allow for postal shipments up to a value of U$S 50 free of tax.

As soon as the new system is operational, buyers will manage the entire purchase process over the Internet through the national Postal Service’s International Shipping Portal. This removes the need for customs procedures or accessing the AFIP webpage with a fiscal code. After the purchase is complete, the buyer must upload a “notice of purchase” on the portal. This will allow him/her to make the custom statement, pay import duties and mail rates, and learn arrival and receipt dates on-line. The procedure will also be applicable to the release of packages pending clearance. For further information on the online procedure, click here.

Individual persons may import up to 12 shipments a year of up to US$ 50 each free of tax. Currently, the limit is one annual shipment of up to US$ 25. If the shipment exceeds the individual or annual quota the buyer will be charged on the surplus. Exportation of mail consignments intended for family assistance or gifts can only be made once per month and per person, and where the value of each shipment does not exceed U$S 5,000. As far as the export/import regime is concerned, PSP/courier must inform AFIP of the delivery and keep the digitalized delivery records for five years. The procedure applies to shipments of up to 50 kg, with a value of up to US$ 3,000, provided that they are not intended for commercial use.

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