Proposed new laws in Mexico and Paraguay to guarantee oncological treatment
21 noviembre 2018

Following the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in October, organized by the NGO International Union Against Cancer, Latin American countries are tabling bills to improve cancer treatments for their citizens. This is true of both Paraguay and Mexico, whose Senate chambers are currently debating proposals on the prevention and fight against cancer. Progress is expected on these bills in the coming weeks.

In Paraguay, on November 14, the Senate approved a bill to establish the National Programme to Combat Cancer, which aims to ensure access to quality treatment for all cancer patients in the country. The bill also proposes the establishment of a National Fund to Combat Cancer, managed by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare (MSPBS), to finance the treatments. The initiative will be discussed by the Committees of Justice, Public Health and Budget of the Chamber of Deputies in the next weeks.

As for Mexico, Senator Eruviel Ávila (Partido Revolucionario Institucional-government party) introduced a bill guaranteeing citizens free breast and cervical-uterine detection tests. The senator noted that these tests will be available to all women, regardless of their eligibility or affiliation with any health program. In so doing, Ávila hopes to “eliminate all obstacles and give Mexican women the chance and confidence to approach any health institution and access early diagnosis. The Senate Health and Legislative Studies Committees will begin debating the bill soon.