National Cancer Control Program will include an oncological drug bank
6 junio 2018

On June 5th, a joint session of the Senate’s Legislation, Finance and Health Committees debated the bill that creates the National Cancer Control Program (Exp. 177756).  Senator and author, Desirée Masi (Progressive Democratic Party-opposition), said that the bill will incorporate a bank of oncological drugs that will allow the Ministry of Health to buy drugs at lower prices. She also assured that the bill will reach the Chamber of Senators floor, after July 1st.

The bill will create a bank of oncological drugs that will be managed by the Ministry of Health. “Through it, drugs will be purchased for different types of cancer, which implies a centralization of purchases. This will allow better management and control, and at the same time it will lower the costs, because with larger volumes of purchase, lower prices may be obtained for transactions”, said senator Desirée Masi.

She also assured that the bill will be addressed by the Chamber of Senators floor after the new members of both Houses take office, next July 1st. “This will be debated by  the new members of the Congress, and we will also intend to incorporate the view of the new Ministers of Health and Finance to the bill,” she concluded.