The Pacific Alliance moves forward in the elimination of protectionist barriers and in the expansion of its member states
24 mayo 2018


International treaty.  From May 12th to 18th, the countries that integrate the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) and the joining candidate states (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore) held a new round of negotiations with the objective of improving the integration of services, capital and investments among member countries. In the negotiation it stands out the promotion of a framework of uniform protection of consumers in the member states, the elimination of protectionist barriers and a work program in the field of Technology Transfer, with emphasis on the formation of specialized human capital. The dialogue tables between these countries will continue on July 24th at the XIII Presidential Summit.

One of the outstanding topics of the ongoing rounds is the expansion and the role of candidates to join the strategic alliance. So far there is no official confirmation, but negotiations are expected to conclude with the formal expansion of the bloc accepting all candidacies.

The May dialogue round focused on market access and national treatment, trade defense, rules of origin, trade facilitation. The Alliance’s central objective is to increase productivity, competitiveness and strengthen the integration process.

Next steps

The negotiations of the Pacific Alliance will continue on July 24th through the XIII Presidential Summit of the bloc. It is expected that by that date the main lines of action in regulatory matters will be defined to achieve the objectives of the regional bloc. The negotiations are also expected to end with the acceptance of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore as associated states.