PAN. A medication purchasing law is introduced
11 octubre 2017

Minister of Health Miguel Mayo introduced a bill of law to the National Assembly which would create a General Administration for the provision of medications. Under this legislation, the new entity will be responsible for making bids and centralized purchases for all institutions that are subordinate to the Ministry of Health and for those public institutions that have signed provision agreements.

“Part of the state’s health vision includes integrating solutions that benefit all citizens and which go beyond electoral periods,” added the leader of the health institution.

Among the primary objectives of this measure is to avoid shortages in medical products, establishing an automated national technology information system, which would ensure the efficiency and quality of the chain of supply of medications, medical and surgical supplies, health technology, and other human health products.

A Managing Committee will be created and will be the maximum authority of this General Administration. This committee will be made up of the following:

  • The Minister of Health, who will chair the committee.
  • The General Director of the Social Security Fund.
  • The Minister of Economics and Finance.

Once it is law, this General Administration will have jurisdiction throughout the national territory; its application will be binding throughout all Ministry of Health institutions, and it will establish the technical regulations and operative standards for the supply, storage, and distribution of medications.

The legislation is currently under review by the National Assembly’s Labor Commission, and is awaiting a report by the pre-legislative committee prior to going to the floor of the Legislative Branch.