Ministry of Health approves the Good Practices Document for Teleconsultation
23 marzo 2022


The National Ministry of Health approved the Document of Good Practices for Teleconsultation. The document presented is proposed as a reference framework for the standardization of care and consultation through the use of telemedicine. One of the specific objectives of this document is to “lay the foundations for the construction of a standardization of practices that will allow harmonizing, standardizing and developing the quality requirements for services provided through telemedicine”.

The measure seeks to establish a baseline of Good Practices linked to the modality of providing healthcare services through information and communication technologies, carried out by healthcare teams, in order to strengthen the safety of the processes, their development and the safeguarding of rights. 

The document understands Good Practices as actions that promote human health and highlights the importance of teleconsultation to guarantee continuity and accessibility to health services. It is intended for both providers and individuals requiring health care, within the public, private and social security spheres. 

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