Monreal anticipates legislative priorities for 2022 including cybersecurity law
20 enero 2022


On January 20, the president of the Political Coordination Board and coordinator of the MORENA Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal Ávila (MORENA- ruling party) presented the legislative priorities of his party for the second ordinary period of sessions that will begin on February 1, 2022. Among them, a law on cybersecurity was one of the most outstanding. Monreal explained that all the priorities will be presented in a document. This document will only be released after the MORENA plenary that will take place this weekend. We will be especially attentive to this document and will be sending it to you as soon as possible. 

During his statements, Monreal assured that they aspire to achieve a highly productive ordinary period where progress can be made on issues that have been pending in the Senate up to now. Thus, he once again included as a priority the treatment of a law on cybersecurity. In this regard, it should be clarified that Monreal did not specify whether they will try to promote a new text, or if they will try to move forward with any bill presented in the past by any member of the bloc.

The senator did not present all the issues he expects to promote together with his party. However, he assured that he is preparing a document with all these points that will be finalized during the Morena plenary session in the Senate on January 29 and 30. In this sense, he assured that on that occasion the priority points for all the members of the space will be included in order to eventually be able to publish the final document.

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