Provisional Assembly endorses deputy Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela until 2023
6 enero 2022


On January 3, the provisional Assembly of Venezuela endorsed in its parliamentary precinct the deputy Juan Guaidó as president in charge of the Republic and the continuity of the Assembly itself. The legislators of the Assembly with a majority opposed to the coalition of President Nicolás Maduro, approved the continuity of Guaidó in office for a period of twelve continuous months beginning on January 5, 2022. In this way, they maintain that they do not recognise the 2018 presidential elections in which Maduro was elected as Venezuelan president, considering the process “fraudulent”. The term of the provisional presidency expires on January 5 2023, unless a new request is made for its extension.

According to the text approved by the provisional assembly with 105 votes in favour, Guaidó will be responsible for “defending democracy”, directing the protection of state assets abroad, increasing control over the management of public resources, eliminating positions of the interim government and reducing the heads of diplomatic missions, for the best use, according to the parliamentarians, of the resources they have.

It also stipulates that Guaidó may appoint heads of diplomatic missions to countries that recognise the legitimacy of the institutionalism of the Interim Assembly only in the event that recognition persists. In turn, the Delegate Committee, a body that functions in the event that the Assembly is not in ordinary sessions, will establish monthly meetings with the Permanent Committee on Foreign Policy, Sovereignty and Integration of the parliament with the aim of accounting for the fulfillment of the strategic purposes of the foreign relations of the Republic and its interim presidency.

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