Mexico and the United States present work plan on cybersecurity, border data and promotion of ICTs
13 diciembre 2021


On December 13, the panel presentation of the High Level Dialogue (DEAN in Spanish) projects on which Mexico and the United States will work together came to an end. During the event, a work plan on cybersecurity, digital cooperation for data flow and promotion of information and communication technologies (ICT) was announced. The work plan will be developed jointly in the medium term. 

Among the projects included is one that consists of strengthening cooperation in the area of cybersecurity by strengthening cybersecurity protections in global supply chains. At the same time, they will seek to strengthen digital cooperation in the area of border privacy standards. To this end, both countries agreed to promote the free flow of data, as well as the interoperability of privacy and data protection rules.

It was also confirmed that both countries will coordinate a campaign to promote the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Cross Border Privacy Rules system among the industries of their respective countries.

In addition, both countries agreed to promote the use of ICT through public policies and regulatory environments that promote open and competitive markets. In line with this objective, it was agreed to hold a high-level dialogue with private sector economic agents regarding the implementation of new technologies and the construction of ICT network infrastructure.