Chamber of Deputies approves Expenditure Law and finalizes debate on Fiscal 2022 Economic Package
15 noviembre 2021


On November 15, the Chamber of Deputies approved with 273 votes in favor and 214 against, the Expenditure Bill, which establishes the list and allocation of all the items that the Executive expects to spend next year. This is the last text corresponding to the Fiscal Economic Package 2022, which also includes the Federal Income Law, the Miscellaneous Fiscal Law and the Federal Law on Duties. These laws were already enacted by the Executive on November 12. Thus, the text corresponding to the Expenditure Law is now ready for enactment by the Executive, which should occur in the short term.

It should be recalled that among the most important contents of the Miscellaneous Fiscal Law, changes in the obligations of foreign residents who provide digital services to recipients located in Mexican territory stand out. In order to simplify tax compliance, it is established that the delivery of information on the number of services or operations performed with recipients located in national territory will be monthly. 

Thus, the treatment of the initiatives corresponding to the Fiscal Economic Package 2022 was concluded. Thus, it is expected that the Congress will resume the debate of other bills that were pending treatment while waiting for the approval of the budget. According to Senator Ricardo Monreal (MORENA-ruling party), one of the texts that could move forward includes a possible reform on cybersecurity.