Pablo Gómez Álvarez replaces Santiago Nieto as head of the Financial Intelligence Unit
11 noviembre 2021


On November 9, Pablo Gómez Álvarez was appointed as the new head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF in Spanish), following the resignation of Santiago Nieto. The appointment was made at the request of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) after the public disclosure of the wedding of the now former head of the entity with the electoral counselor, Carla Astrid Humphrey Jordan, in Guatemala. Álvarez is already in office. 

Pablo Álvarez stated that his main task at the head of the entity will be to continue with the money laundering investigations which, according to him, “have barely begun since the structure of corruption in Mexico has persisted for years”.

Álvarez majored in Economics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM in Spanish). Subsequently, he dedicated himself to public activity in which he served as a congressman five times and as senator only once. In addition, he was a party leader in the Communist Party, the Unified Socialist Party of Mexico (PSUM in Spanish) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD in Spanish). Prior to his appointment, he served as a congressman for Morena.

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