Congress grants vote of confidence to Mirtha Vásquez’s cabinet
11 noviembre 2021


On November 4, the Peruvian Congress granted a vote of confidence to the ministerial cabinet headed by Mirtha Vásquez. This institutional mechanism is a requirement for the premier and ministers to continue in office. During her presentation, Vásquez stated that it is necessary to generate “a governance pact to show the people that the Executive and Legislative Branches do not confront each other, but build together”.  Likewise, Vásquez expressed that although there are discrepancies with some sectors of the Congress, it is necessary to build “relations of trust”.

With 68 votes in favor, 56 against and one abstention, the Legislative Branch endorsed the Prime Minister, who called for deepening and focusing the strategies to be implemented to protect the basic rights of citizens, the fight against corruption, the reduction of poverty, the economic reactivation, as well as to strengthen the actions to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic when presenting the objectives and goals of the government.

Meanwhile, Hernando Cevallos, Minister of Health, pointed out that a “profound” reform of the health sector is necessary. To this end, he emphasized that changes are needed to bring health closer as a fundamental right of the people. In turn, the Minister of Economy, Pedro Francke, highlighted the role of the Central Reserve Bank (BCRP) in the control and management of monetary policy. In this line, Francke indicated that the BCRP estimates an economic growth of more than 11%.

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