Congress approves Legislative Agenda 2021-2022
22 octubre 2021


On October 22, the plenary of Congress approved the Legislative Agenda that will set the guidelines for parliamentary work during the 2021-2022 Annual Session. The document defines the legislative work in 71 topics around 34 State policies. Among the main topics are the promotion of free competition, measures in favor of consumers, regulation of work through digital platforms and the strengthening of freedom of expression and communication. The approval of the agenda does not limit the presentation of legislative initiatives, and does not prevent other issues or bills not included in the document to be discussed and debated.

Regarding the aim of achieving the country’s competitiveness, the document includes several priorities such as the improvement of regulatory bodies, the support to consumer protection associations, the promotion of free competition and of micro and small businesses, as well as the formalization of business activity. For this, legislators recommended including the formalization of economic and productive activities in general, even more so in the context of a pandemic.

In the labor area, the legislative agenda sets as a goal the modernization of labor regulations (labor contracts, collective relations and remote work), as well as the incorporation of young people into the formal labor market, without neglecting the need to guarantee food security, the defense of women and the family. Likewise, the legislators will seek to guarantee access to the Internet and the defense of cultural diversity.