The Executive Branch establishes mandatory minimum quality parameters for remote consumer attention and communication services
12 octubre 2021


On October 12, the Ministry of Productive Development established the Mandatory Minimum Quality Parameters for Attention and Remote Communication Services provided to consumers by mail, telephone, e-mail, web pages, social networks, chats, applications and any other form of electronic communication.  In addition, from this measure, the Executive Branch established a term of six months for suppliers to adapt their consumer attention services.

The measure stipulates that suppliers must have an “effective and accessible service” for consumer attention, in which consumers are treated in a respectful, courteous, kind, considerate, affable and attentive manner. At the same time, it contemplates that such service must have the purpose of providing information, attending and resolving complaints and claims of its users.

Specifically, the Executive Branch stipulated that the consumer service must enable its users to:

  • Be assured of the nature, characteristics, conditions and usefulness or purpose of the good or service contracted or offered;
  • Access truthful, sufficient, transparent and updated information on any incident arising from the good or the normal provision of the service.
  • Claim effectively in case of error, defect, deterioration or any other incident regarding the good or service contracted or offered:
  • To have a record of the complaints and claims presented;
  • To make effective the guarantees or levels of service offered;
  • Obtain the equitable return of the market price of the good or service, in whole or in part, and other legally appropriate compensation, in case of breach or defective performance of the contract or commercial offer;
  • Guarantee the accessibility of persons with disabilities to consumer services, in order to facilitate equal opportunities and avoid discrimination.