Assembly holds meeting to advance on crypto-assets bill
6 octubre 2021


On October 6, the Direction of Parliamentary Studies organized an event to debate about the concept of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, their uses, and how to establish the best public policies for their regulation. Deputy Cenobia Vargas (PRD-ruling party) used the occasion to explain the content of her bill to regulate these new financial assets. The text could begin to be debated in the Committee of Commerce and Economic Affairs in the short term.

According to Vargas, the approval of her bill would promote new careers, as well as jobs and economic reactivation. “In Panama, we seek to regulate cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. This will allow the ordinary Panamanian, the one who sells hot dogs, the one who sells chicha and every citizen to have this form of payment”, said the deputy.

The president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Jannice Becerra, participated in the occasion. She pointed out that “it is important for us to be able to provide the Legislative Branch with good training on the use of cryptocurrencies, in order to establish the best public policies, since some bills have been presented to regulate this activity”. “It is important that the entire traditional financial sector joins these innovations and allows the opening of these new technologies to reactivate the economy,” said the guest.