Finance Committee approves calendar of activities for debate on the 2022 Federal Fiscal Budget
7 octubre 2021


On October 5 the Finance and Public Credit Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved the calendar of activities for the approval of the Fiscal Economic Package 2022. The committee set forth the days on which it would meet with public officials, while stipulating the days for dealing with the Revenue Law bill, the Fiscal Miscellaneous bill and the Federal Law on Duties bill

The stipulated calendar is as follows:

  • October 7: Working Meeting with the Finance Committee and officials of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP in Spanish). The Secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la O and the Undersecretary, Gabriel Yorio, the head of the Tax Administration System (SAT in Spanish), Raquel Buenrostro and the Federal Tax Prosecutor (PFF in Spanish), Carlos Romero Aranda will be summoned.  
  • October 11: It is established as the deadline for receiving proposals from the different Parliamentary Groups to modify the bills.
  • October 12 and 13: The Committee will meet to prepare the opinions corresponding to the bills discussed.
  • October 14: Face-to-face meeting of the Committee to vote on the opinions drafted.
  • October 15: The opinions corresponding to the FEP 2022 would be discussed in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.
  • October 18: It is established as the deadline for the approval of the FEP 2022 in the Chamber of Deputies. On that date it will be sent to the Senate. 

It is important to remember that the FEP 2022 stipulates the tax obligations that will correspond to both individuals and corporations next year. Thus, the Miscellaneous includes changes in the obligations of foreign residents that provide digital services. It also includes changes in the mechanisms for the collection of credits where there is a notorious impossibility of repayment, among other points.

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