CNV opens public consultation to create a regime aimed at promoting foreign investments and expands investment possibilities for Mutual Funds
7 octubre 2021


On October 1, the National Securities Commission (CNV in Spanish) opened, by means of Resolution 906/21 (link), a public consultation for the creation of a special regime aimed at promoting access to the capital market by foreign issuers. In addition, by means of Resolution 905/21 (link), the CNV broadened the range of investments for Open Mutual Funds.

First, the CNV invited the public and interested companies to express their opinions and proposals regarding the adoption of a regulation called “Special Regime for Dual Listing of Foreign Companies – Incorporation to Chapter VIII of Title II of the Regulations (N.T. 2013 and amendments)”.

In a complementary manner, the CNV incorporated into its regulations regarding Open Mutual Funds the valuation criteria applicable to national public debt securities with pre-cancellation options. This measure will be effective from October 2. 

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