Alberto Fernandez swore in the new Cabinet ministers
20 septiembre 2021


On September 20, President Alberto Fernández officially swore in the new ministers and officials of his Cabinet. Juan Manzur (Chief of Cabinet), Aníbal Fernández (Minister of Security), Julián Domínguez (Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing), Santiago Cafiero (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship), Jaime Perczyck (Minister of Education), Daniel Filmus (Minister of Science and Technology) and Juan Ross (Secretary of Communication and Press) were sworn in.

After the electoral defeat in the PASO, which resulted in a political crisis within the government coalition, Alberto Fernández defined changes in his Cabinet: Juan Manzur took over as Chief of Cabinet replacing Santiago Cafiero; Santiago Cafiero took over as Minister of Foreign Affairs, a portfolio that until now was in charge of Felipe Solá; Aníbal Fernández took over as Minister of Security replacing Sabina Frederic; Julián Dominguez took over as Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing from Luis Basterra; Jaime Perzyck took over as Minister of Education from Nicolás Trotta; Daniel Filmus took over as Minister of Science and Technology from Roberto Salvarezza and Juan Ross took over as Secretary of Communication and Press from Juan Pablo Biondi.