The Executive Branch sent the Budget 2022 to the Chamber of Deputies
15 septiembre 2021


On September 15, within the framework of a tense climate caused by the electoral defeat of the ruling party, the Executive Branch sent the 2022 Budget Bill to the Chamber of Deputies. It is expected to be one of the issues that will occupy the agenda of the Congress in the short term. However, before that, the government coalition will have to solve its internal tensions.

The bill foresees a 4% GDP growth, an inflation rate of 33% and a dollar at 131 pesos. On the other hand, the primary deficit is estimated at 3.3% and will be financed by 1.8 points of GDP in temporary advances from the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA in Spanish). In addition, the expenditure and resources plan does not contemplate the payment of capital maturities to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This decision is due to the fact that it is expected that the Government will reach an agreement to postpone payments for US $19.1 billion.

In the Elevation Message, the Executive Branch states that “the set of budgetary policies detailed in this Budget intends to advance in the recovery of the economic activity, the reduction of poverty, the generation of employment and the reduction of inequality by promoting active social inclusion”. In addition, “the Budget presented reflects the actions concerning the strengthening of production and the sustained impulse of public investment in infrastructure”, the text specifies.