Committee finalizes schedule of meetings of Technical Board in charge of reviewing drug laws
8 septiembre 2021


On September 8, the Technical Board of the Health Committee, which debates possible reforms to Law 1/2001 on medicines and other products for human health and to the Law on Public Contracting, received representatives of the Directorate of Pharmacies and Drugs of the Ministry of Health and of the Social Security Fund (CSS in Spanish). With the contributions received, the head of the Committee, Daniel Ramos (PRD – ruling party) indicated that they could present a proposal to reduce to 20 steps the process to acquire medicines. However, he assured that they will continue working to shorten the time. With these meetings, the technical board completed the initial schedule of meetings and could present a report in the short term.

Elvia Lau, head of the Directorate of Pharmacy and Drugs, acknowledged the importance of finding alternatives that guarantee the decongestion of the process of purchase and sale of medicines. She also said that they are working with the Secretariat of Simplification and Digitalization of Processes of the Presidency, as well as with the Government Innovation Authority, to promote a mechanism that will help to shorten the delivery times of sanitary registrations, their modifications, as well as certificates of interchangeability.

On the other hand, the representatives of the CSS presented recommendations for the drafting of a new Medicines Law, highlighting the need to streamline bureaucratic procedures in the process of acquiring medical supplies and medicines, among other human health products. Among the proposals were those related to the scope of application, selection of contractors, purchase orders, authorization, publications and notifications, among others.