Senate: Advisors began to study bills that declare ICTs as a public service
24 agosto 2021


On August 24, the advisors of the Senate’s Systems, Media and Freedom of Expression Committee began studying bills that seek to declare Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) as a public service or as a human right. It is expected that in the coming weeks a new meeting of advisors will be convened with the presence of guests proposed by the senators.

The working methodology proposed by the Secretariat of the Committee is that the advisors study the bills in depth, and then send to the senators both the points in common and the main dissidences, with the purpose of guiding the parliamentary debate. In this sense, it is expected that new meetings of advisors will be held, including the participation of invited guests (specialists, representatives of companies or chambers, among others).

The bills under study are detailed below. In addition, the Committee prepared a comparative table of all the initiatives under consideration.

  • S-1802/21 – Alfredo Luenzo (Frente de Todos, ruling party) – Bill that modifies its similar N° 27.078 Argentina Digital.
  • S-1290/20 – Juan Carlos Marino (UCR – Opposition) – Bill that declares the Internet as a universal human right.
  • S-1100/20 – Gladys González (PRO – Opposition) – Bill that declares mobile telephony and Internet public service as a human right.
  • S-955/20 – Antonio Rodas (Frente de Todos – ruling party) – Bill that incorporates to title III, of its similar 27.078 Argentina Digital, section 15, the nature of public service in competition.
  • S-467/20 – Silvia Sapag and Oscar Parrilli (Frente de Todos – ruling party) – Bill on cellular telephony and Internet as a public service.
  • S-1820/21 – Daniel Lovera (Frente de Todos – ruling party) – Bill that incorporates mobile telephony service in all its modalities as a public service.