Customs issues regulations on the use of fast delivery companies’ labels
3 agosto 2021


On August 3, the National Customs Authority (ANA in Spanish) published, through the Official Gazette, Resolution 419 which provides for the establishment of decals for customs auxiliaries authorized as express delivery or courier companies. This resolution is in line with ANA´s implementation of a plan to organize these companies in order to “increase the levels of collection, national security and trade facilitation”. The regulation is already in force.

The resolution creates the “Authorized Courier” distinctive that must be given to the auxiliaries of the public customs function authorized as fast delivery or courier companies for their proper identification in all their facilities opened to the public.

Also, it warns these companies of the obligation to place the distinctive in a visible place at the entrance of all establishments where they provide services to the public. In this regard the labels assigned to each authorized company, with the name, company name and location of its branches, will be ordered through a register. The Customs Service may suspend or cancel the authorization, if the misuse of the label is proven.