Executive Branch publishes national palliative care plan and establishes security mechanisms in electronic prescriptions
29 julio 2021


On July 29, the Ministry of Health (Minsa in Spanish) approved the National Plan for Palliative Care for Oncologic and Non-Oncologic Diseases in Peru 2021 – 2023. The objective of the technical document is to strengthen training and availability of resources to implement palliative care. Likewise, Minsa published the Administrative Directive that establishes the information security mechanisms in the electronic prescription for Telemedicine, in order to improve the quality of care in terms of integrity, confidentiality and availability of information. They are already in force.

The national plan mentions that the Executive Branch will improve logistics in the delivery of essential drugs so that health facilities have the necessary resources for palliative care. Along the same lines, the government will strengthen the capacity of each facility to determine the need, prescription, dispensation, acquisition and use of the essential drugs included in the Single National Essential Drug Formulary (PNUME in Spanish).

Meanwhile, the directive establishes the mechanisms for control, monitoring of the management and use of information, in order to prevent its loss, elimination or theft. For their part, pharmaceutical establishments will only be able to access the electronic prescription through the information system that articulates them. Such access is made through the authentication credentials granted by the Telemedicine healthcare information system.