Congress approves National Cancer Law
14 julio 2021


On July 1, the plenary session of the Peruvian Congress approved the substitute text of the bills proposing the National Cancer Law. This initiative seeks to guarantee universal, free and priority coverage of health services for cancer patients. To this end, the State must ensure access and comprehensive coverage, which will include prevention, promotion, control and oncological care services. At the same time, the regulation declares cancer care and control through telemedicine services to be of national interest. The approved regulation was sent to the Executive Branch for its analysis and subsequent enactment.

The approved text states that the Executive Branch, through the Ministry of Health, will formulate, implement and evaluate the National Policy for the Fight against Cancer. It will establish the main guidelines, objectives, specialized indicators and minimum standards of compliance that will make comprehensive oncological care possible. Along these lines, the Ministry of Health is empowered to acquire pharmaceutical products, medical devices and health services that are necessary for the treatment of these diseases.

The initiative also declares of national interest the centralized purchase of strategic resources for the prevention and control of cancer in the public sub-sector, through the National Center for the Supply of Strategic Health Resources (Cenares in Spanish). The organization and execution of actions for the prevention, promotion, control and surveillance of breast and cervical cancer is also declared to be of national interest.

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