Norway to mediate in the talks between the government and the opposition
3 junio 2021


On June 1, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro informed that a delegation of the Norwegian government is already in the country to mediate in the talks between the ruling party and the opposition sector led by Juan Guaidó. It is expected that the dialogue will formally begin in the next few weeks.

From the ruling party’s side, some of the points that will be proposed for discussion at the table are the lifting of economic sanctions, the recognition of the National Assembly elected on December 6, 2020 and the return of bank accounts and assets confiscated abroad.

For his part, Guaidó would seek dialogue on the elaboration of a schedule for presidential and parliamentary elections with international observation, and also on international sanctions. It is worth clarifying that this is not the first time that both parties suggest sitting at a negotiating table: in the last three years, there were several attempts at dialogue with foreign backing that ultimately had few results.

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