SHCP opens public consultation on calculation of credit risk for non-revolving loans and mortgages for women
3 junio 2021


The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP, in Spanish) opened, through the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (CONAMER, in Spanish), a public consultation to modify the provisions applicable to credit institutions regarding credit for women. The text modifies the formulas for calculating the risk incurred by credit institutions when granting non-revolving loans and mortgages to women in order to stimulate their granting. The text will be available for consultation until June 25 and interested parties may send their opinions here

The draft regulation states that in order to improve the methodology for estimating loan portfolio rating and preventive reserves, the formulas and parameters for measuring the probability of default risk for loans granted to women must be adjusted.

To this end, changes are proposed in the risk estimation formulas of article 91 bis of the general provisions, when the amounts are granted to these individuals. It is also established that credit institutions must record the preventive reserves of the Non-Revolving Consumer Loan Portfolio with figures as of the last day of each month.

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