Senate approves in general the bill on antimicrobial resistance
7 abril 2021


On April 5, the Senate approved in general the bill that establishes rules against antimicrobial resistance. The aim of the proposal is to regulate the use of antibiotics. The legislators start from the interpretation that the excessive intake of antibiotics has made bacteria immune to these drugs. The text of the bill can be accessed by clicking here.

It should be noted that the general approval means that the chamber agrees with the spirit of the bill. Now the initiative will have to be studied by the Health Committee for its article-by-article analysis. The legislators will have time until May 7 to present proposals for modification of its content.

Among the salient points of the articles, the following proposals stand out:

  • Establishes the State commitment to recognize the development of antimicrobial resistance as a “danger” to the health of the population.
  • It defines the need for the State to take timely measures to avoid the risks associated with this phenomenon and regulates the chain of transmission of multidrug-resistant agents.
  • It obliges to promote prevention, information and care in the handling of antimicrobials, in order to induce the rational and appropriate use of drugs by the operators.
  • It institutionalizes the concept of microbial resistance and the way in which it can manifest itself: as a direct action on the population due to improper use or indirectly through the microbial load transmitted by animals.

At the meeting, the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, commented on the influence of the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in the appearance of new diseases and the urgency of designing more expensive and complex drugs to contain more rebellious bacteria. For their part, several senators called for reviewing drug prescription policies, controlling self-medication, analyzing the consequences on human and animal health of the overuse of these drugs, and valuing scientific collaboration in the legislative field.

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