WHO works on international actions to prevent future pandemics and promote equal access to health care
7 abril 2021


On March 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted the need to work on a new international pandemic preparedness treaty. This declaration comes in the wake of the health and equity issues that have been evidenced in the Covid-19 pandemic. The new treaty will seek to intensify preparedness for future pandemics and will be rooted in the WHO Constitution.

The 24 countries that signed the declaration expressed their commitment to “ensure universal and equitable access to safe, effective and affordable vaccines, medicines and diagnostic tests to address this and future pandemics.”  Among the signatories, the European Council, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain stand out. Whereas for Latin America, Chile and Costa Rica signed the document.

In turn, the treaty will aim to promote a pan-governmental approach, increasing international cooperation in alert mechanisms, data sharing, among others. This product would entail recognizing the principle of “one health” that connects the health of humans, animals and the environment. To achieve this, WHO will work with Heads of State and governments, as well as with the private sector and civil society.

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