Health advisors would unify bills to create a health technology agency
7 abril 2021


On March 29, the advisors of the Senate Health Committee agreed that the technical representatives of legislators Daniel Lovera (Frente de Todos), Mario Fiad (Juntos por el Cambio) and Alberto Weretilneck (Juntos por el Cambio) will meet with the objective of unifying the bills that aim to create a national health technology agency with the intention of ordering public spending on health matters based on a cost-effectiveness criterion. The objective is to reach a consensus text that will then be debated together with the rest of the committee.

If the necessary technical agreements are reached, the advisors will begin a round of consultations with experts on the subject before submitting the proposal to the senators. The bills under consideration are the following:

  • S-854/20, by Daniel Lovera (Frente de Todos – Ruling party): It creates the National Institute for the Evaluation of Health Technologies.
  • S-921/20, by Mario Fiad (Juntos por el Cambio – Opposition): Creates the National Agency of Health Technologies.
  • S-2499/20, by Alberto Weretilneck (Juntos por el Cambio – Opposition): National Institute for the Evaluation and Implementation of Health Technologies (INEETS, in Spanish).

In general terms, the bills coincide in the need to organize the expenditure made by the State in health care. To this end, they foresee the creation of a collegiate body to determine the drugs and therapies to be financed by the State.

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