Deputies Finance Committee to propose priority legislation to Jucopo for approval during this period of sessions
18 febrero 2021


On February 17, the Board of Directors of the Deputies’ Finance and Public Credit Committee announced its intention to present a series of initiatives to the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo, in Spanish) defining the priorities to be addressed by the Committee during the legislative period. The principal topic to be addressed by the meeting is the Foreign Currency Uptake Bill, known as the dollar buying bill. The initiatives considered by Jucopo to be a priority which show a high level of consensus will be taken as priorities for the next few months.

The committee agreed that during the legislative period, they should tackle the legislative priorities defined by each political grouping, although only those agreed by all will be approved. The proposals posited by the different parties include those presented by deputy Marco Antonio Medina Pérez (Morena – ruling party) who asked that the pending bills in relation to the Banxico Law reforms be considered, as well as the bill allowing the UIF (Financial Intelligence Unit) to block accounts and the Labor Subcontracting bill (outsourcing), among others.

The Partido Institucional Revolucionario (PRI – opposition) recommended debating the reform to the Law of the National Banking and Securities Commission and of Credit Institutions, in order to provide financial services users with security to protect them from extortion; the reform to the Law for the Transparency and Regulation of Financial Services which envisages including access to services for people with disabilities; and the reform to the Law to Regulate Credit Information Societies, with the purpose of suspending obligatory credit payments during health contingencies and natural disasters, among others.

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