Executive extends disposition regarding liquidity, and regulates securities issuance information
18 febrero 2021


On February 16, BANXICO and the national securities exchange commission (CNBV for its acronym in Spanish) agreed to extend the period for exceptions enshrined in the Dispositions on liquidity requirements for multiple banking institutions in April 2020. According to these entities, the extension will foster the continued flow of liquidity in the banking market, which took a hit following the COVID-19 health emergency. The extension runs until August 2021. The CNBC has published in the Official Gazette of the Federation the resolution substituting Annexes N bis 2 and N bis 5, detailing the information required to draw up the annual reports on senior bond trust certificates. The text is already in force.

The regulators explained that the dispositions issued in April last year aimed to keep up the flow of resources in the banks and avoid exacerbating volatility, as well as  increasing the risk that the unfavorable market conditions triggered by COVID-19 could lead to liquidity problems. The measures were in place until March 1, but the Executive Power decided that, given the duration of the pandemic, it would be wise to expend the exceptions for another six months to avoid any sudden changes in the behavior of banking institutions.

As regards the modifications published in the DOF, Annex N bis 2 sets out guidelines to draw up annual reports for senior bond trust certificates, indicating the kind of data to be presented, such as information about the trust fund. Annex N bis 5 provides guidelines to draw up the annual report on senior bond trust certificates for investment projects which requires similar information. 

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