Committee approves bill to regulate the incorporation of SMEs in e-commerce activities
12 febrero 2021


On February 1, the Production Committee of Congress approved the report of the bill that regulates the incorporation of SMEs in e-commerce. The aim of the initiative is to promote the formalization of these companies, as well as to generate confidence mechanisms for consumers through transparency and security in commercial transactions carried out electronically. It is expected that the bill will be voted in the plenary session in the near future. 

The bill states that those companies that have a virtual platform with electronic identification and security measures that offer goods and services with transparency and responsibility towards users or consumers may carry out e-commerce activities.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Production will be the entity in charge of creating and enabling a registry of micro and small companies engaged in e-commerce activities. This must be published within 15 calendar days from the date the law enters into force.


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