Executive branch enacts amendment to the Copyright Law to facilitate access for blind people
12 febrero 2021


On February 1, the Executive branch enacted a law that incorporates and modifies articles of the Copyright Law to implement the Marrakesh Treaty and facilitate access to published works for blind and visually impaired persons. By means of this law, exceptions to the economic rights of reproduction and distribution of published works are incorporated. The law is already in force.

The measure authorizes entities and individuals to use materials to produce copies in accessible format, as well as to import other copies in accessible format without the authorization of the corresponding copyright holder or payment of any remuneration. However, these shall only be for the private use of the blind. 

Furthermore, the initiative allows, without the author’s endorsement, the reproduction of published original works or those made available to the public by any means, by an authorized entity, a beneficiary or a person acting on behalf of the beneficiary, in order to facilitate the availability of copies in accessible format of such works for the exclusive use by the beneficiaries.

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