The Executive Branch indicates teleworking law will enter into force on April 1
12 febrero 2021


On February 5, the Executive branch announced through resolution 54/2021 that the Legal Regime of the Telework Contract would come into effect on April 1, 2021. Among other points, the regime highlights the right to digital disconnection, and that teleworking staff will enjoy the same rights and obligations as office-attending employees.

This regime was foreseen by Law N°. 27,555, which aimed to “establish the minimum legal requirements for the regulation of the Teleworking modality in those activities that, due to their nature and particular characteristics, allow it”. 

It should be noted that the regulations recognize that there must be a telework contract when the performance of acts, execution of works or provision of services is carried out totally or partially at the domicile of the person who works, or in places other than the employer’s establishment.   

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