Chilean Legislators Come Together to Form a Working Group to Strengthen Cybersecurity
12 julio 2019


On July 11, after data was seized from ECM (a company providing imaging testing for hospitals), legislators from the ruling party and the opposition met to discuss ways of promoting the Cybersecurity Caucus. The initiative aims to work closely with the presidential advisor, Mario Farren, in order to give Chilean cybersecurity institutional status within 60 days.

Senator Kenneth Pugh (Independent, close to the ruling party), who is spearheading the initiative, indicated that their objective is “to ask the State and the Executive to give us institutionality, for which we need to work as a team.”

The need to prioritize cybersecurity was also discussed at the 14th Pacific Alliance Summit held in Lima on July 6 where heads of state, including Piñera, renewed the commitment of their Finance Ministries to establish information exchange mechanisms able to tackle the threats and cyber incidents affecting the Pacific Alliance countries’ financial systems and capital markets.

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