Special Committee to Continue Analyzing Tax Reform Bill
12 julio 2019



The Chamber of Deputies created a Special Committee on July 10 to analyze the Tax Reform bill introduced by Baleia Rossi (Movimento Democrático Brasileiro – allied with the ruling party). At the same time, different party leaders in the Senate came together to present their own tax reform proposal, currently awaiting examination by the Constitution and Justice Committee in the coming days.

Chaired by Hildo Rocha (Movimento Democrático Brasileiro – allied with the ruling party), the Chamber of Deputies’ Special Committee will be composed of 43 members who will be analyzing a tax simplification initiative to introduce a levy on Goods and Services Operations. This was approved by the Chamber of Deputies’ Constitution and Justice Committee on May 22.

The Committee has a period of 40 ordinary sessions to analyze the text and in the first ten sessions, deputies may introduce modifications to the bill. 

During the meeting, Dep. Rodrigo Maia (Demócratas – allied with the ruling party), the president of the Chamber of Deputies, stressed that “the Government’s decision to govern without a coalition strengthens Congress” as it has more freedom to progress with its own agenda.

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