Campaign For Primaries Begins With Debut of Corporate Contributions System For Political Parties
12 julio 2019


July 7 saw the launch of the electoral campaigns for the ten presidential formulas competing in the primary elections on August 11. The two main parties, which have already started broadcasting their spots on media and social networks, are Juntos por el Cambio, seeking the re-election of President Mauricio Macri with Peronist Senator Miguel Ángel Pichetto as vice president, and Frente de Todos, headed up by former chief of staff Alberto Fernández in the driving seat flanked by former president Cristina Fernández.

Earlier this year, the Law on the Financing of Political Parties was amended to authorize companies to make campaign contributions, previously prohibited by law. The elections will be thus regulated by this new law for the first time. For more information click here.

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