National Assembly Debates Two Key Proposals from Juan Guaidó’s “Plan País” Program 
5 julio 2019

Elías Matta, president of the National Assembly’s Energy and Petroleum Committee, insisted on the need for a comprehensive reform of the Hydrocarbons Law. The modernization of the regulatory framework is an element of the oil industry recovery plan that the Committee looks set to promote in the future. Within this framework, the deputy met on July 3 with the presidents of the Venezuelan Petroleum Chamber Reinaldo Quintero of the Zulia César Parra Sectional Petroleum Chamber.

Meanwhile, in the session of the Assembly on June 25, the article-by-article review of the reform to the Organic Law of Electrical Service began. The report was presented by Congressman Jorge Millán, who indicated that the modification seeks to separate the activities of generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization, and promote the participation of the private sector.  The debate is set to continue in the Assembly’s next session.

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