SMV modifies articles of CAVALI’s Rules of Procedure
5 julio 2019


The articles of CAVALI S.A.’s Internal Regulations have just been modified by the Stock Market Superintendency (SMV for its acronym in Spanish), which issued Resolution Nº 00018-2019-SMV/01. The amendments aim to adapt the internal regulations to the terms enshrined in Resolution Nº 011-2019-SMV/01, previously modifying the regulations governing the Latin American Integrated Market. The norm, related to CAVALI S.A’s regulations has yet to be published in the Official Gazette in order to be applicable.

 This regulation modifies the registration, clearing and settlement procedures applied to operations performed in the Latin American Integrated Market and will allow CAVALI to automatically register Foreign Issuers, whose securities can then be traded in the framework of the Integrated Foreign Securities Market.

The Latin American Integrated Market was created by an integration agreement signed between the Lima Stock Exchange S.A.A. and CAVALI S.A. ICLV with the entities which normally administer foreign trading systems, in order to facilitate primary and secondary public offers and the intermediation of securities. The regulation will enter into force on the day following its publication in the Official Gazette.

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