Committee Passes PPP Bill to Develop Smart Cities
14 junio 2019


The Parliamentary Urban Development Committee has just adopted a bill allowing states and municipalities to set up public-private partnerships (PPPs) aimed at developing information and communication technologies. The initiative, which passed the hurdle on June 12, is part of a plan to transform urban areas into smart cities, and is next on the agenda for the Labor Committee.

The text was authored by Francisco Rodrigues (Partido Social Democrático – allied with the ruling party) and gives the Federal Government the green light to establish the Public-Private Associations Fund to finance project development. The Fund will channel resources from the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES) and foreign institutions, to develop the basis for smart cities in the country.

The bill states that private partners who develop new technologies or source national equipment will have preference in the bidding process. It also explains that any projects to be developed within this framework must include the principles of sustainable development, use open low-cost technologies, integrate urban services and ensure data collection privacy.

The bill has to be passed by the Labor, Public Safety, and Constitution and Justice Committees before moving to the Senate.

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