Juan Guaidó’s plan for a new government presented in Chile and Argentina
7 junio 2019

At the end of May, Juan Guaidó’s diplomatic representatives together with deputies José Manuel Olivares and Ángel Alvarado unveiled “Plan País” in Chile and Argentina to an audience of public officials, businessmen and diplomats. The meetings took place as part of a tour of countries and organizations in the region. “Plan País” includes proposals for economic stabilization, energy, security, supply, public services and health.

Congressman Ángel Alvarado stated in Chile that “there will be investment opportunities in the financial, agricultural, energy and mining sectors, as well as in the area of retail.” Meanwhile the international coordinator of the Plan, Darío Ramírez, said that “from Argentina we obviously have an interest in the agricultural issue and we hope in future to be able to come and talk exclusively about it (…)”.

In order to advance in the design of the Plan País, the National Assembly created a committee at the end of January, which was originally composed of six congressmen and chaired by Juan Andrés Mejía. Currently, two of them are being prosecuted for the April 30 events.

On April 23, Gustavo Tarre Briceño had already presented the Plan to a delegation from the Organization of American States. He said at the time that there was consensus around the following key areas: economic policy, citizen empowerment and guaranteed access to public services, hydrocarbons and social policies.  

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