Congress Passes Vote of Confidence and Defuses Likelihood of Vizcarra Closing it Down
7 junio 2019

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra scored a major victory for his government’s anti-corruption policies Wednesday when Congress finally passed a vote of confidence. On June 5, the opposition-controlled Congress approved the motion with 77 votes, thus committing to see through the Executive’s bills to tackle corruption, a priority on the Legislative Agenda.

The critical vote was about boosting the debate of anti-corruption bills designed to enter into force in 2021, which means that they need to be passed before the end of the current period before they can be implemented.

Under Peru’s Constitution, votes of confidence are permitted and require the president of the Council of Ministers to request the Congress’s express confidence in the Executive’s capacity to govern. If the Congress turns it down, the Executive branch can dissolve Congress and call new elections.

The debate was marked by the discussion about corruption in the Congress, which pitted legislators both against each other and against Vizcarra. Outside the Congress, demonstrators marched in protest against the closure of Congress, calling for far-reaching democratic reforms and voicing their discontent with rampant institutional corruption.

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