Capital market financing increased
16 mayo 2019


On May 15, the National Securities Commission (CNV for its acronym in Spanish) published a report detailing that total financing in the Argentine capital markets in April came to $19.31 billion, 44% up from last month.

SMEs account for 40% of financing (AR$ 6.829 billion negotiated in deferred payment checks and AR$ 679 million through guaranteed promissory notes), the sector where there was the most movement, with positive interannual variations of as much as 194% in deferred paychecks and 129% in promissory notes.

At the same time, 10 financial trusts were established for a total of AR$ 4.735 billion (25% of total financing). An additional five negotiable bonds were issued for 36%, a total of AR$ 6.887 billion, as well as two guaranteed SME issuances for AR$ 32 million.

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