National Assembly elects its authorities for the new legislative period 2019-2021
16 mayo 2019



On May 14, the first session of the new 2019-2021 National Assembly was held. César Litardo (Alianza País-ruling party) was elected president, while César Solórzano (Patriotic Society Party – opposition) and Patricio Donoso (CREO Movement – opposition) will occupy the first and second vice-presidencies. Litardo affirmed that he will advocate “open and plural” work to promote laws ensuring better security and employment opportunities. In the next few days, the Assembly will form its permanent committees and resume legislative work.

Litardo stated his aim to devise “laws that solve the demands of citizens” and pledged to drive “an agenda of consensus” focused on economic recovery and employment. He also promised to evaluate the impact of the productive development law as a mechanism to draft similar employment-creation measures.

César Litardo is a commercial engineer who graduated from the Universidad Católica in Santiago de Guayaquil and holds a master’s degree in Governance and Political Management. He was a professor at the State Technical University of Quevedo, before joining the Alianza País party. He was elected in 2017 as the Alianza País deputy for the province of Los Rios.

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