FAQ: What is the Montevideo Mechanism?
14 mayo 2019

It is a “proposal for action without preconditions” put forward in February 6, 2019 by the governments of Uruguay, Mexico and CARICOM, in response to a request from United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. On April 7, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza described it as “the best initiative to solve the crisis in the country” and said Nicolás Maduro had called for it to be reactivated.

The process envisaged under the mechanism consists of four stages, to be delivered over a period that is agreed on by both sides and under the supervision of internationally recognized actors:

  1. Immediate Dialogue: Generation of conditions for direct contact between the stakeholders involved, under the protection of a secure environment.
  2. Negotiation: Strategic presentation of the results of the dialogue phase to the counterparts, seeking common ground and areas of opportunity for identifying potential agreements.
  3. Commitments: Construction and signing of agreements based on the results of the negotiation phase, with previously established characteristics and deadlines.
  4. Implementation: Materialization of the commitments assumed in the previous phase, under international watch.
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