Senate in favor of total bancarization of electoral campaign contributions
18 abril 2019

On April 16, the Senate passed an amendment to the law on political party funding providing for all monetary campaign contributions to be bancarized (passed through the banking system). If approved by the Chamber of Deputies, possibly in the coming weeks, contributions in cash may be made only via bank transfer, bank deposit with accreditation of identity, by electronic means, check, credit or debit card, or through digital platforms and applications. In any of these cases, they must allow for the reliable identification of the donor and the traceability of the contribution.

The competent Federal Court shall order the opening of a single current account in the bank that has been established by the party or alliance in its constitutive agreement. All public and private contributions are to be deposited in this account, which will also be used for the payment of campaign related expenses. The account will then be closed within 30 days of the general election.

Banks, credit and debit card companies must notify the political party or bloc in question upon receiving a contribution, reveal the identity of the donor and allow for a reimbursement if the recipient decides not to accept the contribution, without the need for justification.

The National Electoral Justice may require all the information it deems necessary to carry out regular and campaign related controls, especially to investigate resources of illicit origin. To this end, it may request the assistance of the Central Bank, the Financial Information Unit and the Federal Public Revenue Agency.


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