Finance Committee postpones vote on tax reform bill pending cross-party consensus
5 abril 2019

On April 3, the Finance Committee put back its vote on the tax modernization bill (Exp. 12.043), following a meeting with the presidential secretary, Gonzalo Blumel. The ruling party will present a new proposal intended to allay opposition concerns over the cost of the proposed reintegrating the tax system. The Finance Minister, Felipe Larraín, will present the amendments before the committee next Monday. Providing the opposition accepts the new proposal, the bill will be voted on Wednesday, April 10.


During the session, opposition deputies reiterated their calls for tax collection to be unaffected by the proposed reform and for the current progressive tax structure to be kept in place. According to committee member Pablo Lorenzini (Democracia Cristiana-opposition), the next attempt by the government to push the bill through will be “the last”. As such, he said it will be essential that the ruling party “accept the requests and present appropriate amendments”.


After meeting with the Committee, presidential secretary Gonzalo Blumel said the ruling party will present a new proposal in the coming days to respond to the opposition’s demands. Also it was agreed to postpone voting on the bill, originally agreed for today, until next week. Blumel stated “it is good that the opposition remains open to dialogue” although he insisted that it is necessary to pass the bill since “everything is set up for the bill to be voted on”.


The Finance Ministry is already working on the new proposal, with Minister Felipe Larraín looking to present it to the Finance Committee next Monday. The opposition will then make their evaluation. Should they accept, the bill could be voted on during the session of Wednesday, April 10.

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