The government regulates the use of digital signatures
14 marzo 2019

On March 12, the Executive branch regulated through Decree 182/2019 Law 25.506, which establishes the legal regime for digital signatures. It implements the mechanism of digital certification of documents in electronic formats. The decree is already in force.


The legal requirement to store documents, records or data is satisfied, in accordance with current legislation, with the preservation of the corresponding digitally signed digital documents. The Electronic Document Management System of the national public sector will allow the digital signature of electronic documents with the modalities of remote digital signature, the digital signature with an external cryptographic device and a digital signature with system certificate. All three options are valid.


The Annex to the decree details the conditions for obtaining licenses to provide certification services, the effects of the license and the duration of the license. In relation to “trusted services”, understood as services provided by a third party related to the preservation of digital files – operation of blockchain for the conservation of electronic documents, electronic authentications, among others – the decree establishes that they may be provided by human beings, corporations, consortiums, public entities and non-state public entities.


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